The TATU does not curl, will dig hole in the Cup!

Animals of the Brazilian fauna. In the bush, these cuddly critters live happily. But one of them will live … a twist on it’s destiny. He will be forced to work voluntarily as a mascot world event. Only one will be chosen … Who will?


The choice was you, armadillo!


“Standing on the board, tallow shins. Ripa in xulipa legs go I want you” – Armadillo thought that.


I threw the stick in TATU-TUTU


But not the armadillo-tutu-SOLD DEUDEU


Dona-FA FIFA marveled up, the scream, the scream that the people gave:




Dominoes or be dominated?” is the motto of football? This is serious or a joke? I thought it was encouraging sport game, health, friendship. How was turned DOMINATION? There’s something wrong …

domino“Honestly, I do not like turning ball. For me it is a natural protective instinct, I just curl up when I’m scared. Like is to dig the hole. I was! “


Downstairs the armadillo-tutu found some of the most precious wealth of Brazil. “Now I understand why I was chosen! Globalized economies want to show an image of a country facing the mining underground … “


Found the most wanted of all minerals, a black liquid called “rock oil”, we withdrew from the depths to burn and send it to the atmosphere.tatusurf

There is another black liquid that also wants to earn a lot of emphasis on Copa …

– Can you guess what it is?liqpreto200

A drink called “COLAÍNA”. Doctors say it is addictive and is bad for health. As this brand will sponsor the sport? If a player take this slime will have a piriri in the middle of the match!colaina

This black drink is served in a large chain of sandwich shops, where all the snacks have the same flavor. They do so much advertising, that sometimes we forget that this food has no positive relationship with sports. So it is good to remember that although the World Cup sponsors are bad for health!


Follow the adventure – continues in the next episode!

Warning: this comic was translated with Google Translator and probably there are many errors. If you understand clearly the English language, I accept suggestions for changes in the text. Will be very welcome! Post in the comments. Gratitude!

Check back on this blog the other day that the saga will be updated. And please, if you can share with your friends. Thanks 😀


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